Shell Lee

Chat: October 2018

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Shell Lee

I've been mentally composing my October showing....and then I see that the forums are going static. :blackeye:

I'm sooo sad. There is no way that I can share the same way out on Facebook. Wail.

In my mental composing... I was going to ask if any of you noticed the Mohawk manner of parenting teens in Children of the Longhouse?  I was also going to talk about the connections I saw from another book I've been reading, For Women Only, and how important respect is to men and how that's probably a huge part of what we are overlooking with our teen boys as they are transitioning into men.

And I wanted to chat about reading the Anti-Federalist papers and comparing that sort of discourse with what we see in politics today.  

And how I love the extra book recommendations at the end of each of the Hakim volumes.

And ....oh I'm deflated with the forum news.  I need some time to pout.

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