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I was wondering if there is anyone else doing H, and maybe we can check in. It's been a while since I've had one of these threads for my olders. We just finished Week 9, and are LOVING The Sherwood Ring. I'm also adding in George Washington's World and Olaudah Equiano as extra history read-alouds. It's fun, but it adds to our long days. I am especially struggling to keep up with 3 cores this year. The girls are reading SOTW on their own and emailing me a narration for each day's reading, just to help me keep up. They are pretty much in charge of their own timeline and mapping assignments. I hope DD1 is actually doing them. I keep forgetting to check, and she tends to forget things.

They have been keeping up pretty well with the language arts. I think they especially enjoyed the journal entry assignments for this week. They both seem to have really gotten into journaling as if they were a character from Escape Across the Wide Sea

Algebra, Spanish, and Physical Science are keeping us VERY busy otherwise. I have a hard time keeping up with all the grading. Spanish and Algebra will count for high school, so I am kind of pressuring myself to make sure I stay on top of them.

Both girls joined a Bible quizzing team at church this year, so they are also really busy studying for that, and quizzes seem to take up a good number of our Saturdays. Anyone else feel like the pace of life is sometimes too hectic for school? Lol! 

I will really miss these check-in threads when we don't have them anymore. I don't see how something like this will be quite possible on Facebook. Even if we try to make check-in threads they won't show up anywhere where anyone can find it, but just get buried in all the other posts on the page. So I hope lots of people check in here between now and then.

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